Denim Design Lab
the beauty is in the details...

We wrote the book on vintage denim, literally. Now, Denim Design Lab™ is drawing upon its extensive
knowledge of the history of denim to bring denim fanatics a modern twist on vintage work wear.

Starting from the absolute best materials available, we transform selvage denim woven on vintage
shuttle looms into modern masterpieces, borrowing key design lines and construction techniques from
vintage work wear jeans, in comfortable modern fits, to create what we call “modern vintage.”

The medium of choice here at DDL® is denim. Denim is the “blank canvas” upon which we create, and
we are here to ensure you get your hands on the perfect pair. Whether you prefer to start from a pair
of our premium raw jeans, or experience the perfection of one of our custom crafted finished denim
masterpieces, you are about to find your “next favorite pair of jeans.”

With Denim Design Lab’s custom finished styles, we concentrate on painstakingly accurate vintage
replicas vs. trendy “novelty” finishes. DDL® designs and silhouettes are based on real vintage work
wear vs. common “fast fashion” trends and the “fit of the month.” DDL® denim is designed to last a
lifetime, not a season. The Denim Design Lab™ customer is a denim fanatic. They are independent
in mind and spirit, and not driven by trends.

The Denim Design Lab™ collection is extremely limited in its distribution, being offered through only
the most premium denim based retailers globally.




MAIL: info@minerfortyniner.com